Dr. T. Roy Nakai

Dr. T. Roy Nakai

Dr. Tsuyoshi Roy Nakai was born in the Manzanar War Relocation Center during World War II.  A situation that would otherwise create an inferiority complex in most internees produced a remarkable fortitude that he would later call upon at the prime of his life.

A star athlete and scholar in high school and a matriculant at UCLA majoring in Pre-Dental with a minor in zoology.  He earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of California at San Francisco.  Further studies earned him a Masters Degree in Pediatric Dentistry (MSD) from the University of Washington.  His intern and residency certificates in pediatric hospital dentistry are from the Seattle Children’s Orthopedic Hospital.  Dr. Nakai has board certification in pediatric dentistry, a specialty that he practiced for 22 years in both solo and group practices.

In addition, Dr. Nakai has conducted lectures in major cities throughout the United States.  He has spoken on Crossing the Knowing/Doing Digital Divide (Master Dental Institute,

Back Cover Elephant a la Mode: An Epicurean's Guide To Life

Back Cover Elephant a la Mode: An Epicurean's Guide To Life

2002-2003), Quantum Profit Growth through High Tech Digital Dentistry (Master Dental Institute, 2003-2005), Creating a Profitable Digital Dental Practice (EagleSoft Dental Software, 2003-2004), and Launching Your Dental Career (Mercer Global Advisors, 2004-2007).

Dr. Nakai written articles for major dental journals and publications on office design, practice management, office efficiency, and the implementation of digital technology for the dental practice, including the following articles, My Computer, a Liability or an Asset (Compass for Dentistry, 2001), How to Profit from Technology (Dental Economics, 2001), Controlling the Chaotic Storm in Paperless Dentistry (Dental Economics, 2002), Providing the Platform for New Technologies and Improving Patient Care and Productivity (Dental Compendium), Staff Training for the High Tech Office (Dental Practice Report,2003), What Do Nordstroms, Wal-Mart and Digital Dentistry Have in Common (Dental Economics, 2004), How Bottlenecks Can Strangle Your Practice (Dental Economics, 2004), Operatory Design for Efficiency and Profit (Dental Compendium), What Dentistry Can Learn from GE (Dental Economics, 2003).

He has also been an all day speaker at major national dental conventions, giving lectures on on Controlling Chaos When Going Paperless (Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting, 2003), and Controlling Chaos When Becoming a Digital Dental Practice (Yankee Dental Congress Meeting, 2005).

But in addition to his professional vocation, his love of family and his precious daughter cultivated in him a desire to create a summer camp for children in which he gave his precious time as well as money in order to give back to the community, a similar commitment to that which his father had done years earlier after the family’s release from the interment camp.

Elephant A La Mode, An Epicurean Guide To Life is the author’s first book.  It shares both insight and guidance into what he learned from the great triumphs in his life, as well as mind-numbing tragedies.

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