Calendar of Events & Book Signings:

Seminar & Workshop Topics:

Finding Your Way Through Loss and Grieving

Of all the adversities that one can encounter in life, the loss of a loved one is the most crippling and devastating.

Significance of Heritage In Your Life

The role of heritage in your life and why it will influence many of your choices and decisions.

Managing Career and Life Changes

Change is just part of our lives, but major career and life changes require greater evaluation, guidance and commitment.

Motivational: How to Stay the Course

Webster’s Dictionary: Motivation, the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior.  So why do you need to be motivated?  Plain and simple, Life is adversity and your journey through life will be determine by your resiliency, compliancy and adaptability.

So You Want to Write a Book?

This workshop and seminar will assist you in first developing a master plan for your book and then how to proceed in the writing process.


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