Excerpt from Elephant à la Mode:

Fred-Roy 1967

Fred Slaughter 1967

I have come to realize that even though the events of my life were the topics of my book, it is my friends, who truly assisted my navigation along my journey. Friends and their relationships are a necessary part of the development of any person’s character. They are the ones that were there when I needed them. It was not important whether or not they had some words of comfort and encouragement. They only needed to be there to hug me and hold me. These gestures reconnected me to my life here with them. I came to realize, it is our family and our heritage, our teachers and our friends, who enabled us to develop who we are and what we are.”

Chinese Proverb      (畫意能達萬言)

“One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words,”

Note: Many friends, pictured here, unfortunately were victims of publisher’s editing during manuscript                                   preparation.

Kay-Roy 1967

Kay Slaughter 1967

John Ryan aka Red Fox, Roy Nakai, & Fred Slaughter at UCLA Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

John Ryan aka Red Fox & Fred Slaughter at '04 UCLA Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Roberta, Suzie, David_1

Roberta Nakai, Suzie Thomason, Brother David

Cyndy & Tomo Hamasaki

Cyndy & Tomo Hamasaki

Dr. Dave Law, Pat Turley

Dr. Dave Law, Pat Turley

Kenro Nishimine-Partner

Kenro Nishimine-Partner

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