Lessons Learned

On Heritage

  1. Embrace your heritage for yourself and your children.
  2. Share with others your culture and heritage.
  3. Appreciate your parent’s struggles for they helped to create your character.
  4. Appreciate your parents’ sacrifices for the gifts they have provided you.

On Success

  1. To persevere, you must stay the course.
  2. You will sell yourself short if you do not stretch your potential.
  3. Your character and aspirations are best displayed in person.
  4. Pay excellent people well and they will reward you with excellence.
  5. You will never pay the price if you are a hands-on visible employer.
  6. Formal contracts allow you to sleep at night.
  7. Financial success does not always follow the mainstream thinker.
  8. Spreading yourself too thin can create havoc in your life.
  9. Your financial health and well-being requires expert professional assistance

On Parenting

  1. Your child’s behavior is created and directed by parental instruction and guidance.
  2. Gaman at two will remain for a lifetime.
  3. Monitoring your child’s interaction and resulting behavior with playmates is significant.
  4. Encourage your children to discover their capabilities and limits.
  5. Your two cents opinion for your children today, may be invaluable for them in the future.
  6. Never, ever, sacrifice special times with your children for work; it is a poor payoff.
  7. Spending quality time with your children will be your greatest reward in life.
  8. When your child needs you, be there. Do not cheat them or yourself.
  9. Love every minute of a butterfly’s life.

On Friendship

  1. One careless word can destroy a lifetime of building mutual trust.
  2. Sometimes life decisions are in the best interest of others
  3. Color is skin deep, but the heart lies deep within you.

On Mentoring

  1. Our mentor’s advice should never be taken for granted.
  2. Mentors helped create who you are, and can assist who you can be.
  3. Learn from the mistakes of others, you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.

On Happiness

  1. There is nothing better than a good laugh, no matter how old we are.
  2. The ability to laugh at ourselves is a great character asset.
  3. Exercise caution and good judgment; you can’t fix stupid.
  4. Take yourself more lightly, life is much too short to do otherwise.
  5. Know your limits and know your priorities.
  6. Pursuing your dreams may be costly, but do it.

On Hope

  1. Don’t underestimate your capacity and potential.
  2. You may not be an outcast in a different environment.
  3. Overcoming physical and emotional trauma requires time.
  4. New opportunities arrive when you are flexible and have an open mind.
  5. Don’t dwell on why things happened, move forward and persevere.
  6. Most jobs do not require artistic ability, remember, skills are learned
  7. Never destroy a person’s hope, it may be the only thing they have.

On Grieving

  1. One is never prepared for tragedy; it just is.
  2. Crying is an expression of deep love.
  3. Grieving is personal and only requires time and patience.
  4. Remembering our loved ones is part of living.
  5. To get to the next day, embrace whatever touches your soul.
  6. When your life is shutting down, seek guidance.
  7. Healing will happen, but not one minute sooner

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